Study Medicine Abroad

Pursuing Medicine Abroad has become a popular alternative for students aspiring to study medicine. In addition to offering students the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture, medical education abroad offers world class facilities and international exposure which are advantageous in building a global career. Ease of admission, affordability and availability of scholarships are other factors that attract many medical aspirants to pursue their medical education outside India.

Admission requirements for medical programmes vary from country to country. The basic eligibility includes completion of high school with Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Maths as main subjects.

While some countries require the candidate to qualify in standardised entrance examinations, (e.g., UCAT and BMAT in UK, IMAT in Italy), other countries, like Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic hold their own examinations, often different universities within the same country conduct separate examinations. Some countries such as Cyprus, Georgia, Russia offer admissions based on performance in high school. Many universities also offer preparatory programmes for students who do not meet the admission requirements.

Study Medicine Abroad – Test Prep Course
We offer a comprehensive course that helps students to prepare for entrance examinations of the specific universities that they are aiming for. The course prepares students for entrance exams to countries such as UK, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic.

The course offers students access to a range of comprehensive study material including study notes, mind maps, recorded classes, live lectures and practice tests to help the students in their preparation.

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