The Foundation Courses have been designed to build a strong foundation of the basic concepts in Science and Mathematics. This complements school examination preparation, and simultaneously trains students for the various competitive examinations they will face in the near future. Our courses teach students to think beyond the confines of schoolbooks, develop a methodical scientific temperament and inculcate a love for the subjects.

We conduct classes separately for CBSE and ICSE, for Grades 9 and 10. Our students have won laurels as UAE Science toppers, as well as toppers in their respective schools. Our course covers tuitions in Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Our courses cultivate a strong grasp of these subjects by supplementing and expanding upon the knowledge acquired in school. Conceptual clarity strengthens understanding of the subject and develops an interest in and love for the subject. Our students therefore have a dual advantage over other students, demonstrated by their enhanced performance in both school exams and various competitive exams including National and International Olympiads, National Talent Search Examinations (NTSE), State Talent Search Examinations (STSE), KVPY etc.

Research has proven that children undergo significant cognitive development of conscious intellectual activity during their adolescent years. The most important developments concern children’s increasing ability to think in an abstract manner and consider multiple dimensions of problems concurrently. It is vital for parents to take this opportunity to enhance this cognitive development by providing adequate stimulus during these formative years.

Most competitive examinations combine an aptitude component and a subject knowledge component. The aptitude component is based on raw problem solving skills, analytical ability, and logical thinking, and is not directly linked to school curriculum. The subject knowledge component focuses on advanced extension of regular Maths and Science school curriculum that can only be mastered through a clear understanding of subject matter and regular practice. It is also important to note that a key criterion for selection to universities abroad is academic excellence from Grade 8 onwards.

  • Grade 9 & 10 CBSE covering Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Grade 9 &10 ICSE covering Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
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