Ascentria is a leading test-prep centre based in Dubai, UAE, preparing our students for extremely rigorous entrance examinations to the finest institutions in India and abroad. We are recognized as one that offers the best quality teaching and most effective teaching methods, thus delivering the highest results. For the last three years, we have been the recipient of several International awards, including in 2020 itself, the prestigious Shiksha Bharati award, award for the Best Educational Test-Prep Centre in the UAE, and Training Centre of the Year award.

Several leading school groups and individual schools in Dubai have forged exclusive partnerships with us to train their students on their respective campuses after school hours.

Ascentria maintains its reputation of launching courses only when they are of the highest quality, enabling students to attain the best scores possible. Our success can be attributed to our extremely committed faculty, as the influence of one good teacher can be a life-changing experience for a student. That is why we have on board some of the best instructors from PACE India, comprising IIT/NIT graduates and doctorates renowned in their respective fields.

100% of Ascentria students have qualified in the NEET in 2017 and 2018, 75% of our JEE Main students qualified to sit the JEE Advanced and nearly 30% of our JEE Advanced students attained a rank. Majority of our students attain 800/800 in their Subject SATs. Moreover, our students have been UAE ICSE toppers, school toppers in various subjects and much, much more.

At Ascentria you will benefit from:

  • Highly qualified and experienced PACE faculty – IIT-ians and other highly quailed teachers
  • Exhaustive study material in the form of specialized books, class notes and online lectures
  • Personalised attention, doubt-solving sessions with teachers
  • Regular evaluation and feedback mechanisms
  • Highly competitive peer groups
  • Small class sizes


It is our mission to create and operate a highly professional academy with the resolute purpose of providing superlative training at reasonable costs to students for them to achieve their full potential. Continued focus is maintained on the quality of education imparted and results achieved.

The vision is to maintain an institute that the KHDA regards as the GOLD STANDARD among training institutes in Dubai.