Subject SATs
The Subject SATs are standardized aptitude tests required for students applying to top US universities to enhance their credentials and showcase their interest in the subject. Submission of the Subject SAT scores in Maths Level 2, Physics and Chemistry is also required for students wishing to apply to select NITs and IIITs in India for certain courses under the Direct Admission of Students Abroad (DASA) scheme.
We offer excellent training to prepare our students for Subject SATs in Mathematics Level 2, Physics, Chemistry and Biology E/M.
Ascentria teaches its students the best problem solving techniques required to master the SAT and increase their chance of obtaining the exceptional score they aspire. Most of our students have obtained full scores of 800/800 in the Subject SATs that they have prepared with us.
Over the course of the program, our teachers cover not only the subject material for every topic of the SAT, but also tips and strategies to minimize the time they spend on each question. Our program also includes minimum of 10 full-length SAT practice exams held at the Center under examination conditions, graded at Ascentria, and returned to students with detailed feedback informing them which areas require the most improvement.
Our SAT response sheet provides details of the sub-topics that students have lost marks in for each practice test. This allows both students and teachers to focus on the areas most in need of improvement, to ensure that each student’s valuable time is used wisely and efficiently.
The scores from these graded practice tests also allow students to monitor their progress over the course of the program, and can provide an estimate of the score they might expect to receive on the actual SAT test.