Grade 12 NEET / Medical (1 year)
Medical entrance, Board exam preparation in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, SAT 2
This course is specially designed for those who commenced their preparations a little late due to lack of guidance or awareness. To enable these students achieve their dreams, we provide them additional individual attention and a more strict discipline and stringent testing norms. At this stage we expect utmost sincerity and total devotion of the students to help them qualify for these prestigious examinations, as well as obtain a high score in board examinations.
This course addresses the requirements of multiple Board examinations, subject SATs, Olympiads, and engineering and competitive exams including AIIMS/NEET. We also provide guidance and extensive material for that portion of the Medical entrance exams syllabus which is normally covered in Grade 11, which complements the Board examinations preparations. Besides the academic inputs, the course has been designed with significant emphasis on evaluation and motivation of the students from time to time.
More than 400 hours of teaching(including revision, module tests, board practice tests), excluding doubt clearing sessions.
Teaching commences to Board level and is raised to NEET level. Topics that are part of school curriculum, but not a part of NEET are also included in this course.
The program prepares students for multiple Medical Entrance Exams, including AIIMS, NEET, MHT-CET, and other private university/state entrance exams. It covers a wide range of syllabi taking into account past question and exam structure patterns of various councils, universities and agencies conducting such exams at University, State and National levels. Teaching commences at Board level and is raised to the medical examinations level. Topics that are part of school curriculum, but not a part of medical entrance exams, are also covered in this course and such topics are taught up to Board level. In Grade 12, each topic is covered simultaneously for Boards and for entrance exams.
Exhaustive and complete module-wise study material for Grade 12 Board and Medical exams preparation is provided.
  • Topic-wise Test (TWT) will be conducted after completion of each topic
  • Major Test, based on latest medical entrance exams pattern, will be conducted after completion of each module
  • Micro-level analysis follows each medical entrance Major Test. Here, each student’s performance is compared with the Topper, both at Centre level and Institute level. As a part of this analysis, each student will be given information regarding the topics where their performance needs to be improved
  • Additional All India Test Series for Medical is provided to the students, wherein All-India PACE institute rank is also provided
Lectures will be held 4 days a week, 12 hours per subject.