Grade 11-12 NEET / Medical (2 year)
Medical entrance, Board exam preparation in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, SAT 2
This course addresses the requirements of multiple Board examinations, subject SATs, Olympiads, and competitive engineering exams including AIIMS and NEET. The course is expertly designed for students to obtain the best results in both Board and competitive examinations.
This classroom course is one of the most effective courses for the various examinations outlined above. Further care is taken by Ascentria to ensure that the substantial transition from Grade 10 to 11 is smooth and supported by Medical entrance preparation. A significant portion of the Medical entrance exam syllabus is covered in Grade 11 itself to ensure adequate time for revision and testing. The course not only focuses on effective communication of academic material between teacher and student, but also emphasizes the importance of regular teacher evaluation and maintaining high levels of student motivation.
Over 800 hours of teaching which include revision, module tests, board practice tests, but exclude doubt clearing sessions held over and above regular teaching hours.
Teaching commences to Board level and is raised to NEET level. Topics that are part of school curriculum, but not a part of NEET are also included in this course.
The program prepares students for multiple Medical Entrance Exams, including AIIMS, NEET, JIPMER, and well equips students for International private university entrance exams as well. It covers a wide range of syllabi taking into account past question and exam structure patterns of various councils, universities and agencies conducting such exams at University, State and National levels. Teaching commences at Board level and is raised to the medical examinations level. Topics that are part of school curriculum, but not a part of medical entrance exams, are also covered in this course and such topics are taught up to Board level. In Grade 12, each topic is covered simultaneously for Boards and for entrance exams.
  • Comprehensive module-wise study material for Grade 12 Boards and NEET is provided
  • Weekly/Topic-wise tests are conducted on a regular basis or after the completion of each topic
  • Major Tests (MT) based on latest NEET paper patterns are conducted throughout the two years
  • Micro-level analysis follows each NEET Major Test. Here, each student’s performance is compared with the Topper, both at Centre level and at All-India PACE Institute level. As part of this analysis, each student will be given information targeting topics that require an improvement in performance and guidance on how this can be achieved.
  • All India Test Series (AITS) for NEET is provided to the students, including an All-India PACE institute rank
Lectures will be held 4 days/12 hours per week